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add Fairphone 2 update for B2G-installer


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Steps to reproduce:

I have made a up to date blobfree build.

Actual results:

Its tested and works on my device with all Fairphone OS Versions 1.3.6, 1.4.2, 1.5.1

Expected results:

I wold like to make it available to everybody by B2G- Installer.
It't my first time so i had some quesitons i wrote to the forum:
Thanks! Just share us the zip file, and we can upload it on b2g-installer releases. Then you can update builds.json with the proper URL, make the pull request and attach it on this bug. Once it is all ready, flag me for review.
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(In reply to Novski from comment #3)
> Here you can download it:

So I had a look at your PR and you miss a "," in the JSON file, it's probably why it is not working.
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Ok. Now i repared the file and tested it. The FP2 got recognized but the flashing didn't work. 
I think it wold be better to add the url of the storage you offered. 

Can you do that?
"Flashing didn't work" is not very helpful. We are not going to expose the build until we have confirmation it really works.
Please update your PR:
 - fix the identation issues,
 - change URL to
 - squash all in one commit!
Please make it one commit and address the comments I left on Github.
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Also, make sure your comment is properly titled: "Bug XXX - YYY r=Z"
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Hi gerard, can you update the Fairphone2 with this file:
I made a build that doesn't includethe system/ pull comand. 
I think this one will work. After the test i will finish the rest...
Thank you! Novski
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You can test this without me hosting the build
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Depends on: 1295642
true i didn't update the b2g-installer and still had a bug in it that didn't let me choose a file with the browse button. As you can read in Bug 1295642 with above link.

blob-pull works but the device doesn't boot. So i think i have to revert and search for a different solution.
Novski, may I ask when you made that build? We have Bug 1295011, so it's no surprise your device might not boot :)
Monday 15.8.16 one day after Bug 1295011 reported. Soooo maybe my b2g-installer changes work but B2G OS doesn't. Lets wait until 1295011 is fixed..
THANKS for that message!
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 4 years ago
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