Patches can be left half attached to bugzilla from reviewboard when there is a mid-air-collision



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I have been asked for feedback on a patch in bug 1264582.

When I click on the patch in the bug I am taken to a page that says:
"This review request is private. You must be a requested reviewer, either directly or on a requested group, and have permission to access the repository in order to view this review request."

You can see from the attachment that it is a review-board request (text/x-review-board-request) and that there is no accompanying comment from reviewboard in the bug.

I suspect that the contributor had the bug open, pushed his patch to reviewboard and then pasted the URL into the bug. On clicking submit he would have been informed of the mid-air collision and probably chose to submit his changes and overwrite the reviewboard changes.

On the other hand I could be completely wrong but then there is certainly something funky going on with the bug.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this issue and make the attachment available again?
Blocks: 1264582
Component: Bug Creation/Editing → General
Product: → MozReview
> On the other hand I could be completely wrong ..

yup :)

what's happened is that review hasn't been published.  it's still in draft mode; the patch author needs to publish it in order for you to see it.

it looks like they manually created the bugzilla attachment using the draft url, which is why it doesn't look normal.
Last Resolved: a year ago
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i've filed bug 1286239 to correct that error message.
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