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Add a scripted way of generating values in css-properties-db.js


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In the work to separate the client and server in devtools, we are creating a static list of CSS properties on the client. The list has been hand-generated every time. At this time we need a script to re-generate all of the values, and instructions on how to update the file. At this time this does not need to be included in the build system as that would be a lot of additional complexity. The script should be able to simply run from the Browser Console.

This bug came out of discussions from Bug 1265785.
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Blocks: 1275939
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I ended up combining this bug and Bug 1286238 as the testing bug was already failing due to the fact that the CSS properties database has already changed! I'd have to land the scripting bug, then land the testing patch. In the interest of time they are combined here. I'm keeping this pretty manual, but I'm trying to be as explicit as I can in how to update the database so that anyone can come in and update it.
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Add scripts and tests to automate the css-properties-db.

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This looks great! Thanks a lot. Feels like we are in a much better position now to prevent future de-sync with platform and it'll be really easy to re-generate the lists.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1286238
Iteration: 50.3 - Jul 18 → 50.4 - Aug 1
This patch removes OS-specific tags, and makes the failing test more verbose
and specific to what failed.
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Add scripts and tests to automate the css-properties-db. r=pbro
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