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re-enable all geolocation tests


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Lets investigate and try to re-enable the tests that were disabled on Android.  Much has changed in our testing since we disabled them.
did a little digging. Most of the android skip-ifs were added in bug 970925, but really they were format conversions from the old json skip format. So all of them are more than 30 months old. Most have the comment that they timed out, so getting a bunch of retriggers should be sufficient to be confident that they are no longer timing out.

[test_manyCurrentConcurrent.html] has the comment to not run modal tests on android, let's make sure what ever that is doing is kosher now.

[test_mozsettingsWatch.html] and [test_optional_api_params.html] say that they threw because mozSettings is undefined. One run should be sufficient to show that those tests are fine now.
Test suite M(16) contains the geolocation tests.
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r+ assuming a green try run with multiple retriggers
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Carrying forward r+.  Patch now has the correct commit message.
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seems this does not apply cleanly to mozilla-inbound, dougt would it possible to rebase that patch ? Thanks!
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thanks sir :) doing the checkin now!
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re-enable all geolocation tests. r=blassey
had to back this out because this caused merge conflicts with mozilla-central/autoland in
warning: conflicts while merging dom/tests/mochitest/geolocation/mochitest.ini! 

due to the changes in Bug 1286530
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Backed out changeset 39cac65eb07c for causing merge conflicts with mozilla-central
please land attachment 8770332 [details] [diff] [review]
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Re-enable all geolocation tests. r=blassey
Keywords: checkin-needed
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