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Create an automated way to upload OS X SDKs to tooltool


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This is a bit tricky, but we'd like an automated way to handle this going forward.  Please document how one acquires and then uploads the SDK to tooltool for now.
            # Different versions of OS X use different versions of Xcode.  And
            # every version of Xcode is its own unique little hell.  Of course,
            # we can't distribute Xcode, but the instructions here should be
            # sufficient to reproduce what we've done.  Note that Apple
            # frequently deletes "old" stuff, so you may not be able to find
            # some of the source binaries anymore.  Sorry.  Apple sucks.

Basically, I wouldn't suggest trying to automate it -- the translation of "unique little hell" is "new and different".  For the existing versions, it probably makes sense to copy the notes in that file, and then just amend those instructions for later versions.
Ted, is this documented in some place that someone interested in upgrading the SDKs used for cross-compilation might find it?
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It's not. Essentially all I did to generate these was locate an SDK on my Mac and tar that directory up. We could certainly write a little script (or mach command, even) to make that more straightforward.
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I think just writing it down would be enough, so the next person isn't left wondering.
That's totally reasonable. Is there an existing place where this documentation would fit? We're not very good about writing down how we produced tooltool artifacts.
The best I can think of is, somewhere in the code that a dev is most likely to trip across when looking for this -- maybe a comment in a mozocnfig?  Sadly, the JSON manifests do not permit a comment :(
Added a useful comment in the mozconfig. Let's leave this open to track adding a mach command like we have for Visual C++ packages.
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bug 1286331 - document how to generate an SDK tarball.  (DONTBUILD)
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document how to generate an SDK tarball. r=dustin (DONTBUILD)
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The leave-open keyword is there and there is no activity for 6 months.
:ted, maybe it's time to close this bug?
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Yeah, that's fine.
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