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Search performed in Activity Stream are not being counted


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firefox50 --- affected


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Opening a new tab with the Activity Stream addon installed shows a page with a search field. Searching through that field isn't being counted in the SEARCH_COUNTS keyed histogram.


- Open about:telemetry and inspect the SEARCH_COUNTS keyed histogram
- Open a new tab
- Perform a search in the search box within the new tab page.
- Refresh the about:telemetry page.
- SEARCH_COUNT doesn't get updated with the new search.
Panos, I'm just ni? you as a heads-up to make sure you're aware of this bug (this prevents us from counting the related data for bug 1303333 as well).
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Thanks for the heads up. Activity Stream is a Test Pilot add-on and I don't know how telemetry works there, but it seems to me that this is where we would want to instrument the code:
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Whiteboard: [fxsearch]
I think Tim mentioned in a firefox desktop meeting a while ago that the version of test pilot in the tree is taking advantage of the existing search box component and therefore searches through that Search Access Point are being tracked as about:newtab searches. Tim can you confirm?

In that case, do we still want to track searches for the test pilot population or is the number small enough that we don't care?

Also, will the test pilot version ever reuse the in-tree search box component to make this issue disappear entirely?
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Although we aren't tracking searches in the Test Pilot add-on with regular telemetry, we *are* in the release version of Activity Stream that has landed in Nightly.  If you enable Activity Stream in Nightly (pref on browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.enabled), and redo the above test, it passses.

Since the Test Pilot add-on has 'graduated' and will soon go into a code freeze, I don't think we will be updating it to properly record search telemetry.
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Thanks Tim. Javaun, do you agree that it makes sense to wontfix this bug for AS in test pilot?
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Agree, we can skip this in the test pilot addon as long as the version landing in Fx had the probes
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Closed: 4 years ago
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