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Android 'mach mochitest' times out at start of subsuite


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For example, 'mach mochitest testing/mochitest/tests/Harness_sanity', when it runs clipboard tests, starts the servers, starts the browser, and then times out waiting for something to happen. (All is well if run with '--subsuite default'.)

This seems to happen whenever running a set of tests that includes a subsuite: The main, non-subsuite tests run fine, then the harness tries to run the first subsuite, the browser is started, but no tests run.
It turns out SimpleTest/setup.js throws, so the harness is not properly initialized. The exception is caused by a bad log file name. The bad log file name comes from the logFile= parameter in the url -- it is specified twice. In fact, careful examination of the url options shows that all of the options are specified twice for the second run (the first subsuite).

Mochitest's urlOpts variable is not initialized between runs, so buildURLOptions() keeps appending the same options in addition to the old ones.

Desktop 'mach mochitest' does not have this problem because --run-by-dir is used so initializeLooping() is called, and that resets urlOpts appropriately.
Simply moving where urlOpts is initialized does a world of good: This way, each time mach creates a new mochitest object, urlOpts is fresh and ready to be appended to.

This solves my problems with 'mach mochitest' on Android and does not seem to break 'mach mochitest' on desktop. All's well on try too:
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Initialize mochitest urlOpts to avoid duplicate options on subsequent runs; r=jmaher
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