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Minor tweaks to improve tenuring performance


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I was looking at how we tenure objects and came up with a couple of minor tweaks to improve this:

 - update the unique ID with new pointer when we sweep the nursery ID table rather than doing a lookup for every object we tenure
 - restructure the loop in StoreBuffer::traceWholeCells to take account of the fact that all cells in an arena have the same alloc kind

Probably only minimal performance gain though.
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Oh, that's much nicer! Thanks!
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The changes to the unique ID sweeping caused a test failure with compacting GC.  I'm not sure what's going on yet but I'm going to land the rest of the changes anyway.
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Refactor tracing the whole cell store buffer to hopefully improve tenuring performance r=terrence
It seems updating the unique ID tables during sweeping is not valid.  If an attempt is made to hash a pointer to a cell that has been moved from the nursery before the table is updated, a new and different ID will be created for it.  This happens when we sweep the watchpoint map.

If we are able to get rid of all hash tables keyed on cell pointers apart from the unqiue ID one then I think this will work.
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