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Enable Treeherder to add new TC jobs for non try repositories


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This will be a follow up to Bug 1284911, once that's fixed.
Depends on: 1284911
This should be fairly straightforward to fix. Just remove the condition from

However, an RRA is needed before this can proceed.
(In reply to Kalpesh Krishna [:martianwars] from comment #1)
> However, an RRA is needed before this can proceed.

Presuming "RRA" ([1]) wasn't a typo, then this needs blocking on the pulse actions side asap until that happens. A UI-only conditional isn't a security measure - people can submit arbitrary requests to the API regardless.

Armen, can you confirm either way?

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Yeah I completely agree with Ed. There should be a condition to block this on Pulse Actions. Should be a straightforward fix.
Filed bug 1288092 to follow up on it.
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There's still a limitation in plce here: pulse_actions' scopes would prevent creation of an action task for any repo other than try (in particular, any non-level-1 repo)*

but it would be good for pulse_actions to give a useful error back to the user rather than rely on the scopes to fail.
Ah so comment 1 really meant "an RRA is needed prior to adjusting the scopes being used by pulse_actions, which will be performed in a yet-to-be-filed bug that will be marked blocking this one" (or similar).

Glad to hear :-)
Fixed in the code as well in bug 1288092.
Duplicate of this bug: 1339631
this is broken and now that SETA is enabled we are looking to turn it off *again*.

Do we need to do work in treeherder to fix this?
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Unofortunately I have no idea how most of this implementation is meant to work, whether it's currently working or what next steps are. Armen would be the one to speak to.
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If I remember correctly, there was a UI check here to prevent non-try jobs from being added. I don't quite remember if I'd added anything on the TaskCluster side.

Of course, I don't know how relevant this is now.
See Also: → 1343002
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This was fixed a while ago.
Closed: 4 years ago
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