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On various pages that contain a form with a sbumit button, nothing happens when I press the button. I get this error in the browser console:

TypeError: shouldLog is not a function[Learn More]

This started to happen today. Using 49.0a2 (2016-07-18).

At the moment, I can fill in this form because I've signed in with Chrome.
Does this happen on a clean profile? e10s on or off make a difference?
Component: General → Form Manager
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
(also, can you link to a concrete testcase so it's easier for others to try to reproduce the problem?)
e.g.,output does not reproduce this problem for me on today's devedition build.
If you open resource://gre/modules/Console.jsm and search for 'shouldLog', do you see a function shouldLog() entry? Because I do (on OS X devedition from the 19th). So the errors don't really make sense unless your copy of devedition got corrupted or some add-on is messing with things.

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2 years ago
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Problem no longer reproducible after todays DevEdition update. 

The problem could still happen I guess. Clearly, wherever the shouldLog function is defined, there's some race condition where it relies on this to be in the scope but it's not.
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2 years ago
Wow! The shouldLog function is defined in the very same file.
(In reply to Peter Bengtsson [:peterbe] from comment #6)
> Wow! The shouldLog function is defined in the very same file. 
> jsm#508

Well, yes, so "not in scope" doesn't make any sense. It should always be in scope. I don't understand why it would ever not be available. If you download yesterday's devedition separately, does the problem reoccur? :-\
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2 years ago
How do I download yesterdays devedition?
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2 years ago
That did not work. Downloading yesterdays build and running it did work, but the problem is no longer reproducible :(
Going to resolve INCO because without being able to reproduce it seems impossible to track down what's causing this. If it happens again we can investigate further.
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2 years ago
See Also: → bug 1287824
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