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2 years ago
We have partners that want to ship Firefox but do the updates themselves (independent of the Google Play store).

We should provide a way to turn off updates and remove the check for updates button from the about page (similar to what we do on desktop).
The updater does not function on release builds because the application update service (AUS) does not return a xml file with a download path. Removing the UI is bug 800397

I disagree strongly that we should allow OEMs to disable the Mozilla updater. We want users to be running the latest version. Does the OEM have a commitment to provide updates for 3 to 4+ years?

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2 years ago
These are specialized devices that don't have Google Play or Google Play Services, so it will be up to the device manufacturer to provide updates.

Ideally we would provide a way to update Firefox using our update servers (similar to Auorora and Nightly). That's actually what these providers want. Has anyone ever floated that idea? It would give us a nice leg up on Chrome for preloading on non Google Play devices.

> Does the OEM have a commitment to provide updates for 3 to 4+ years?

As far as I know that is not in any agreement.
Bug 1192279.

There's another bug on file or landed to expose how we were installed, so we can offer non-Play updates to non-Play users.

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2 years ago
I think that this is covered by other bugs.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

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2 years ago
I'm reopening this because I think what I was asking for here was the right thing I was just communicating poorly.

Similar to how Desktop works, you should be able to turn off updates in Fennec and have the UI for updating go away.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---

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2 years ago
So it looks like app.update.enabled is set to false on Fennec, but it's simply not honored.

Shouldn't app.update.enabled be set to true? And then can be set to false to turn off auto updates?
I think we wanted to keep the updater in Java land. The updater has updated my Nightly on occasions when gecko crashed on startup. I forget if we can read gecko prefs without gecko running.
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