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Make HTTP cache I/O back-end sync operations be cancalable during shutdown (Windows only).


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Windows Vista
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firefox50 --- affected
firefox51 --- fixed


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There seems to be a way to cancel synchronous operations that block a thread:

In detail:
- CancelSynchronousIo taking a single argument - a thread handle, should work for CreateFile and hopefully CloseHandle
- MoveFileWithProgress (we must update nsLocalFile::CopySingleFile) that triggers a callback that we may be used to cancel the operation ; but there is no warranty the callback will be called at all during the long hangs

We may try to play with this to get rid of our IO shutdown hangs or even in-session hangs.

I've made some testing, but it's inconclusive...

I'd start slowly with this bug, just do CancelSynchronousIo and hope to get rid of some of CreateFile/CloseHandle hangs.

CancelSynchronousIo is only available since WinVista.
Attached patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
IO cancellation seems to work only for file opening and maybe reading and closing.  Writing cannot be canceled.  Another bad thing is that for writes it's been observed that CancelSynchronousIo() actually blocks until the write operation on the target thread finished.  Which means we have two blocked threads instead of one...  Nice...

The patch still may be worth landing.  Description and r? will come later after some more testing, but the form as is now is mostly final.
Attached patch v1.1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I think this is becoming a production quality patch.

I'd also add some telemetry (another patch or even a bug) to see how this works.
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Comment on attachment 8778855 [details] [diff] [review]

Review of attachment 8778855 [details] [diff] [review]:

The windows specific code looks good to me, but maybe somebody more familiar with windows should have a look at it.

::: netwerk/cache2/CacheFileIOManager.cpp
@@ +580,5 @@
>      while (!mNotified) {
> +      mon.Wait(waitTime);
> +      if (!mNotified) {
> +        // If there is any IO blocking on the IO thread, this will
> +        // try to cancel it.  Returns no more than after two seconds.

no more -> no later ?

@@ +2760,5 @@
>    if (mShuttingDown) {
>    }
> +  while (!mShuttingDown) {

This has no effect. mShuttingDown is checked just above this while loop. This code runs on Cache IO thread and mShuttingDown is set in CacheFileIOManager::ShutdownInternal() also on Cache IO thread and thus the value cannot change until we exit this method.

@@ +3322,5 @@
>    // here and set it again once we dispatch a continuation event. By doing so,
>    // we don't have to drop the flag on any possible early return.
>    mRemovingTrashDirs = false;
> +  while (!mShuttingDown) {

The same as in CacheFileIOManager::OverLimitEvictionInternal() above.

::: netwerk/cache2/CacheIOThread.cpp
@@ +225,5 @@
>  , mCurrentlyExecutingLevel(0)
>  , mHasXPCOMEvents(false)
>  , mRerunCurrentEvent(false)
>  , mShutdown(false)
> +, mIOCancelableEvent(false)

it's declared as integer type

@@ +372,5 @@
> +void CacheIOThread::CancelBlockingIO()
> +{
> +  // This is an attempt to cancel any blocking I/O operation taking
> +  // to long time.

too long

::: netwerk/cache2/CacheIOThread.h
@@ +119,5 @@
>    uint32_t mCurrentlyExecutingLevel;
>    EventQueue mEventQueue[LAST_LEVEL];
> +  // Raised when nsIEventTarget.Dispatch() is called on this thread
> +  bool mHasXPCOMEvents;

This will IMO reintroduce bug 1157322. Or why do you think it's no longer needed?

@@ +128,3 @@
>    bool mShutdown;
> +  // If > 0 there is currently an I/O operation on the thread
> +  // that can be attempted to interrup during shutdown,

interrup -> interrupt

wouldn't be better "can be attempted to be interrupted during shutdown"?
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(In reply to Michal Novotny (:michal) from comment #5)
> Comment on attachment 8778855 [details] [diff] [review]
> v1.1
> Review of attachment 8778855 [details] [diff] [review]:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> The windows specific code looks good to me, but maybe somebody more familiar
> with windows should have a look at it.

Not sure who would that be :D
(patches conflict)
Depends on: 1292623
Attached patch v1.2Splinter Review
some of the changes were mistakes (like removing the atomic), walked the patch more carefully this time.
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(land after bug 1292623)
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Use CancelSynchronousIo Win32 function to cancel blocking I/O on the HTTP cache thread. r=michal
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