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>>Project/Request Title:
Video for Project Smart Kitchen

>>Project Overview:
Project Smart Kitchen is a Connected Devices project that helps busy parents answer the question "what's for dinner?". We are currently in our user testing phase and are trying to answer the main question, do people actually want a product like this. We believe a video would be the best way to showcase this idea without actually having the physical product.

>> Creative Help Needed:
Copy:    No 
Design:  No 
Video:   Yes 
Other:  No

>>Creative Specs:
Video mp3 format. 1:30-2 minutes long. We would supply the device, actors, and need to shoot at 2-3 locations (kitchen, supermarket, car). We need graphics layovers for the video.

>>CTA and Design:
Smart Kitchen Video Ideas

Main Points we want to Cover:
Focal point: Make “What’s for dinner?” the easiest question to answer!
How it works:
Place smart kitchen device in your fridge or pantry
Press button to take a picture of food item
Place item in fridge
Make people believe in the Possibilities:
Spend more time with their loved ones by cooking in the kitchen
Eliminating waste
Help busy parents plan their meals
More family time together
Eating healthier
Use cases to showcase:
Busy parent who is at work and thinking about what to make for dinner and does not have access to her fridge so she uses smart kitchen to help her make a meal
Dad at the grocery store and can’t remember if he has eggs to bake a cake so he checks his smart kitchen
Family eating at a dinner table together eating a homemade meal thanks to smart kitchen
Couple eating intimate homemade meal on an stay in date.

Loose Action Script #1 (family):
Moms at work and shes busy and she gets a phone call from her family who is in a van coming home from baseball practice and moms on speaker phone in the car:
Dad (driving): Hi Honey! I just picked up the kids from baseball practice were heading home now.
Kid #1 (in back seat): Mom wants for dinner?
Mom (busy typing/working): Umm… spaghetti!
Kid #2: I’m tired of spaghetti
Dad: Yeah what else do we have in the fridge?
Kid #1, #2, Dad (talking over each other) : I want [this].... Let’s eat [that]... lalalala
Mom stressed out: Ill figure it out!
Dad: thanks honey :) bye. (hangs up phone)
Mom (leaving the office): goes on smart kitchen kikbot and types in inventory, gets inventory, asks for recipe, gets recipe

Lose Action Script #2 (dad at grocery store):
Mom is coming home from work calls dad
Mom: Honey im on my way home from work now, can you and the kids stop by the grocery store and pick up the ingredients we don’t have for the lasagna
Dad: alright guy, you heard the women, detour! Okay honey, were on
At the grocery store
Dad to kid #1: do we have eggs?
Kid struggs
Dad: i think we do, let me check
Checks smart kitchen kikbot and doesn’t sees eggs
Dad: Nope! No eggs (grabs eggs)

Loose Action Script #3:
Gets home and puts the food the food in the fridge and smart kitchen device is logging all the food items (text over screen seeing what food is added to inventory list)
Family starts making dinner together
Everyone is having fun and talking and laughing
Sit down and eat dinner

Ending screen: Make “What’s for dinner?” the easiest question to answer to answer

Video Logicstics I would like to include:
Cool background music
Graphics layovers or typography

Videos I Like and Why:
Great video graphics 
I like how the end introduces the founders and has the cool way of introducing the team
Talks about use cases really well
Selling the possibilities

Critical Success Factors:
Fridge Stocks (props)
Iphone (app)
Find a nice kitchen
NEED Smart Kitchen Device

Script by friday
Iterate on script friday morning
Nailing down a location (3.5 hours) with 10 people
Monday afternoon to go over script and walk through it
Wednesday/Thursday Shooting
Second location (Supermarket or car with kids)
First cut (aug 1)
Absolutely done by the 12th

>>Expected Launch Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:
Connected Devices

>>Mozilla Creative Collective:

>>Points of Contact:,,
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