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Fix non-unified-build errors for dom/canvas


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It's that time again!
While fixing non-unified-build errors in dom/canvas, I started hitting a
static_assert that we were calling IsPowerOfTwo with a signed type. It
turns out we have at least three copies of IsPowerOfTwo() in the tree.
Let's drop the non-mfbt ones.

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Bug 1288649 - Use mfbt IsPowerOfTwo funcs in gfx/. -

::: gfx/thebes/gfxUtils.h:299
(Diff revision 1)
>  /**
> - * Returns the first integer greater than or equal to |aNumber| which is a
> + * Returns the first integer greater than |aNumber| which is a power of two.
> - * power of two. Undefined for |aNumber| < 0.
>   */
> -static inline int
> +static int
>  NextPowerOfTwo(int aNumber)

Although the name for this function is not great. The semantics are the ones that we want. i.e. NextPowerOfTwo(4) == 4.

It would be better to change the existing callers to use RoundUpPow2
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Bug 1288649 - Fix non-unified-build errors. -
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Bug 1288649 - Remove NextPowerOfTwo. -
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