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create tests for 4GB local folders


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Create some tests to check a TB folder can operate when it is larger than 4GB.
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This checks if we can download and copy msgs into a folder when it is above 4GB. Compaction above 4GB was already there.

To be applied on top of the patch in 789679 (the one adding the pref).
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This test failed for me under Windows. The solution though is easy: each time there is a check of fileSize from an nsIFile, you need to clone it. This is a well-known issue under Windows.

I'll attach my modified version that succeeds. If this is acceptable to you, you can land that and consider it r+=me.

Also, I changed one do_print to a dump() since I was not seeing that result under xpcshell-test --verbose.  Maybe I ma doing something wrong? That is an optional change.
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Why wasn't the cloning needed until now?
I'm not sure of the exact rules for when it is required. But you can see other examples of when this di done, for example
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My modified version using clone()

Yes, I'm fine with the .clone()s.
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