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Display OpenVPN certificate expiry and revocation status on login.mozilla.com



2 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: emorley, Unassigned)


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In bug 1289031 there were UX issues relating to expired/revoked OpenVPN certificates (see bug 1289374 for more details).

It would be really helpful if https://login.mozilla.com/ did the following:
1) On the openvpn section, display the cert's expiry date, next to the cert fingerprint
2) On the openvpn section, display the cert's revocation status
3) If the expiry date is in the past or the cert is revoked, add a warning to the openvpn section and possibly also the dashboard landing page

It would also be ideal if the user were emailed if their cert is about to expire (or has been revoked), but that's probably fodder for another bug.

Thanks :-)
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