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Investigate libcubeb backend initialization failures reported via AUDIOSTREAM_BACKEND_USED telemetry


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Paul added telemetry to report the libcubeb backend in bug 1280630.  We're getting some data for that now, and I noticed that bucket 13 (CUBEB_BACKEND_INIT_FAILURE_OTHER) is unusually high at ~1.2% of all reports.

It looks like it might make sense to add something like AUDIOSTREAM_FAILURE_REASON to narrow down *why* we're seeing so many failures... we may need to audit and improve the error reporting out of our libcubeb backends richer first.
# Linux
PulseAudio is 95%
Alsa is 5%
Error rate is minimal (less than 0.01% for initial and subsequent failure)

No errors

# Windows
## Accross all versions
WASAPI is 97.5%
WinMM is 1.31%
0.03% of failures occur when trying to open a stream for the first time
1.24% of failures occur after opening a stream sucessfuly

## When removing XP
WASAPI is 98.58%
WinMM is 0.15%
0.03% of failure the first time
1.25% of failure when having previously opened a stream

## Only Windows XP
WASAPI is 1.87%. Not sure how this is possible
WinMM is 98.98%
Failure to open a stream for the first time is 0.06%
No failures the rest of the time

## Windows 2000 and Windows Vista
No data

## Only Vista+
WASAPI is 98.58%
WinMM is 0.15%
0.03% of failures when opening a stream for the first time
1.25% otherwise
I think the data is skewed by the fact that a MediaStreamGraph that needs to output audio and fails to open an audio stream will fall back to a normal thread, but will try to re-open an audio stream every 10ms until it succeeds or the graph stops.

I'll write some code to not over-report this.
When failing to create an audio stream, we fallback to a SystemClockDriver
marked as being a "fallback driver". When failing again to open an audio stream
after re-trying, we can check whether we came from a fallback driver, and not
report the failure again to telemetry.

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Bug 1289678 - Don't count audio stream creation failures when retrying on Telemetry.
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