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When attempting to send a message that is large because of attachments (even with no other body), a dialog pops up saying "Warning! You are about to send a message of size XX MB.  Are you sure you want to do this?"  The XX is not accurate, as seen in the attached screenshots.  As near as I can tell, the dialog only appears when the size computed for that dialog is >20MB, but it's not clear how this number corresponds to the total attachment size listed in the upper right corner (which, as shown, does not necessarily match and can even be lower than the sum of the individual attachments given just below it).  For demonstration purposes, I also found this to be the case with a single large file. These screenshots are taken with TB in Safe Mode. 

Immediately after the screenshot, I click "Cancel" in the "Confirm" dialog and the other one changes from "Assembling message...Done" to incorrectly tell the user "Your message has been sent." I'll file another bug on that though.

Possibly related: 
Bug 736881 - Improve calculation of attached message size

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Wrong total size on one large file

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2 years ago
The other bug noted in the second paragraph is Bug 934546.  
This bug here, 1290163, is about incorrect computation/presentation of total message size.
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