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Windows Start menu icons too high positioned


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Windows 10
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Thunderbird 50.0


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Bug 1284080 introduced new bigger icons for the Windows Start menu. Thea are a bit too high positioned and should move a bit lower.
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Moved the icons a bit lower. Also added to the Aurora icon behind the bird a halo to make it better differ from the background (Like we also have in about image.
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Screenshot for easier review.
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I looked at "before" and "after" in GIMP. Yes, the images moved down a bit (and the halo got added).
One comment: The Aurora image could be a bit bigger since it has space above it. Or maybe not, because then the halo would be cut off.
Perhaps you applied the same scaling to the original images and the Aurora image was a little smaller originally. I don't know. Up to you.
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Discussed on IRC: Earlybird has the same size egg, only the top is missing. Also, all images have the same scale from some originals. So r+ as stated above.
Maybe land this with DONTBUILD since there is really nothing to build and test here.
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 50.0
(In reply to Jorg K (GMT+2, PTO during summer) from comment #5)
> Maybe land this with DONTBUILD since there is really nothing to build and
> test here.

Oops, saw this comment after check in. But had a second patch to check in.
Problem of DONTBUILD is Nightly doesn't pick up this patch when no following patch without DONTBUILD exists.
Yes, that's a problem. Anyway, good to do a full push a few times a day to find new bustage originating from M-C early (as they merge M-I to M-C a few times a day).

In the future, when we pay for servers, we need to carefully consider the resources we can afford to spend.
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