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Xvfb not running in TASKCLUSTER_INTERACTIVE mode for new Ubuntu 16.04 docker images


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Because of the test failures I see with the new Ubuntu 16.04 docker images, I tried to trigger a one click loaner but actually the test job is not running due to xserver issues and no available display:

Output from the interactive root shell:

13:38:01     INFO -  Failed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory
13:38:01     INFO -  Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
13:38:01     INFO -  Error: cannot open display: :0
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Looks like the patch from bug 1285582 only got applied to taskcluster/scripts/tester/ and not Copying those changes to the new file should fix it.

But those two scripts look nearly identical, why did they get split up? Seems like an unnecessary maintenance burden.
this needs to get fixed, thanks for finding it.

I am starting with porting :ahal's changes from bug 1285582 to the script- if that works this will be easy, if not- I will look more into it.

here is a push with the changes:
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and my try push yields success here... :)
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Bug 1290459 - port changes from bug 1285582 to

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port changes from bug 1285582 to r=ahal
Joel, did you actually test with a one click loaner? Or did you only check the try results? That's not clear to me when reading your comment 3.
I checked with one click loaner, but now I see that I forgot my 16.04 modification patch, I have a new push now for other work which has 16.04 and I will test this weekend.
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So I'm going to update the summary then. Joel, I assume you will file a new bug given that this one is marked as fixed now.
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Summary: One click loaner (interactive shell) doesn't work: "Failed to connect to Mir" → Xvfb not running in TASKCLUSTER_INTERACTIVE mode for new Ubuntu 16.04 docker images
I was able to connect a few different times to a 16.04 loaner via the 'desktop' option.  I assumed this was fully fixed.
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I can verify that fix! Thanks Joel.
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