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Stop sanitize against milestones in elmo for releases


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As we're shifting around how the communication between ship-it and elmo works, milestones on elmo go away.

As such, we should remove the verification code in, I think.

Sylvestre, do you agree?
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I think so but rail should confirm.
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Depends on: 1290485
fyi: all release sanity for release promotion world has been moved/migrated under

As such when/if we remove the verification code:
* we'll need to remove it from aforementioned location indicated by Pike (non promotion world)
* (release promotion world)
I don't mind removing this check, just wondering what the workflow looks like now? Are we going to use "latest" signoffs?

BTW, this check is disabled for RC builds (there is a checkbox in ship-it).
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The latest sign-offs get pulled into ship-it from elmo, and then ship-it keeps track of what it wants to be in a particular beta build, and shares that with the rest of the world on Tools like elmo that want to show differences per locale between betas can load those files via CORS, and do what they need to do.

That pull-pull mechanism replaces the milestones on elmo, which required an authorized human to make POST requests on elmo.
I can take care of this once I get the green light from rail.
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Got the green light from rail on IRC.
I'll follow-up with a patch soon to remove this both on 'oldrelease-runner' and 'default' branches.
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Bug 1290477 - Stop sanitize against milestones in elmo for releases
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Bug 1290477 - Stop sanitize against milestones in elmo for releases

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also need to do this for the old releaserunner
reviewboard doesn't represent this thing properly...
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Thanks for taking care of these whilst I was gone.
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apparently releaserunner uses release-sanity from default. grafted in
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