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Rebase docker infra off of CentOS 6 & use docker organization


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Per IRC discussion with dkl: to move forward on various infrastructure projects we need to be testing against centos6, and so the docker stuff should be based on that.

I've also split out the base-level requirements into a separate bmo-base docker image, available as dylanwh/bmo-base (also in github, in mozilla-bteam/docker-bmo-base)
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Pull request updated. It's now using the latest bmo-base, and this updates the taskgraph file to refer to mozillabteam/bmo-ci
(which I have also uploaded)
Summary: Rebase docker infra off of CentOS 6 → Rebase docker infra off of CentOS 6 & use docker organization
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Small dockerfile tweak (v1)

lgtm. I had a reason for using ADD originally but I can't remember what it was, and so much has changed it is probably not important. :)
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I removed the dependency on the local lib changes landing by copying the modules from the vendor tarball to /usr/local/* directories.
No longer depends on: 1283930
in hindsight, the separate git repo for the docker stuff was better for several reasons. We want the docker image updated when we make changes to it, and we want task cluster to run tests when we make changes to the bmo repo. There would be a race condition if both of these things happen at once.

mozillabteam/bmo-ci on dockerhub (and mozilla-bteam/docker-bmo-ci on github) are split off from this bug/patch
and this just changes the taskgraph.json file
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Pull Request

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