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"Cause" popup should trigger on whole table cell not just "JS" bubble (like "File" cell for image popup)


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This is a spinoff of the 2nd part of

>> 2. In the netmonitor, when hovering image names (the whole "File" column,
>> not just the supermini image icon) then the popup is show. I think that the
>> "Cause" column should behave the same. Not only show the popup when the "JS"
>> icon is hovered but also when the "cause name" (img, script, stylesheet) is
>> hovered.

> Yes, I'd also like to show the popups when hovering on the whole table cell. 
> But our current tooltip code doesn't support triggering a popup over some 
> element and then anchoring its arrow to another element. Was discussed some 
> time ago in Bug 1270111 (see item #3 in comment 0).

See screenshot.
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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