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Make wasm modules identifiable by URL so devtools can link to them


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(Keywords: triage-deferred)

If a log in the console comes from a wasm module, we need to be able to click on the location and jump to the debugger. Right now this is always done with a URL because that's all the console gets. Locations can appear in a several cases: log locations, call stacks, etc.

We've decided to generate URLs for wasm modules and maintain an internal mapping between them, so that the devtools can go from a URL tell the debugger to point to a specific wasm module at a specific place.
I'm interested to discuss what the right API is for this.  SM can definitely maintain a set of live wasm instances (and already does, in fact [1]) and provide various ways to lookup.  I'm interested in what is the key, the value, the lifetime (of the mapping and the value), and is this JSAPI or Debugger API.

Keywords: triage-deferred
Priority: -- → P3
With bug 1458029, wasm modules have real URLs when compiled from fetch()ed Responses so this magic probably isn't needed.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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