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Add support for platforms that don't have a build type ("lint opt" -> "lint")


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The platform name "lint opt" doesn't make sense as there are no builds associated with it (opt stands for optimized build). I've seen developers confused by "opt" jobs appearing on their "debug" try runs. Would be better if it was just called "lint" or "lint src" if a buildtype is necessary.

I tried to change it in-tree with this patch:

But it didn't work. I think something likely needs to change on the treeherder side of things. This isn't a huge deal, if it's a big pita to do, I'd be happy WONTFIXing this.
Several people have pointed out that there many non-linting jobs that aren't tied to a specific build or platform. The already existing MH job is one example.

As long as we're renaming this anyway, we might as well change it to "source" or something similar.
Summary: Rename "lint opt" to just "lint" or "lint src" → Rename "lint opt" platform to "source"
That's actually different to the original bug.

As filed, the bug was ~"make treeherder support not having an opt/debug option associated with a job", the new summary is that plus "change the in mozilla-central configs to give the job a different name".
If removing opt/debug is a major change, I'd be happy with 'source opt' then. As stated in the original comment, if it was a PITA we could WONTFIX it (I was hoping it would be a simple config change).

If that's the case can this be done with in-tree taskcluster configs? Feel free to edit the bug as you see fit.
There are two bugs:

1) Tree Management :: Treeherder -> "Add support for jobs that are neither opt nor debug"
2) {Testing, ...} :: ? -> "Rename the lint job to source"

We cannot do #2 in Treeherder, so if you'd like both done, we need to morph this bug to be about one of the two (I'd suggest #1) and file a new bug for the other.
Ok, whether 2) was something that needed to be done in treeherder or not was what I needed to know. I'll file a new bug for that then.
Summary: Rename "lint opt" platform to "source" → Add support for platforms that don't have a build type
Component: Treeherder → Treeherder: Data Ingestion
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Add support for platforms that don't have a build type → Add support for platforms that don't have a build type ("lint opt" -> "lint")

cleaning up old bugs

Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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