Ctrl+enter needs to trigger the autoclassify Save all when the autoclassify panel is active



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2 years ago
Because only a partial keyboard workflow is possible, it seems odd that this would be a critical speed improvement, but it is.

The current Failure summary panel workflow is:

N for the next unstarred failure, move hand to the mouse, select bug suggestions, move back to the keyboard, Ctrl+enter to save, N for the next unstarred, hand to mouse, select bug suggestions...

The key part of that is that when you move your hand to the mouse, the mouse pointer is still over the left hand side of the bug suggestions in the failure summary panel, rather than being clear over on the right hand side of the whole window from clicking the button to save.

One complicating factor for getting the win is the possibility that the most workable autoclassify workflow is "N, click the Ignore others button before even looking at anything, look at things," so another possible solution to this is moving both ignore and save from the right side of the panel to a non-scrolling position on the left side of the panel, minimizing the distance between "I clicked a button" and "I'm clicking radiobuttons by suggestions".
You can already press "s" to activate "Save All". Does that help?

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2 years ago
/me looks at the empty spot on the floor where his food bowl _used_ to be.

Maybe :)

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2 years ago
Oh my yes.
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