Better support for Certs from multiple sources.




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17 years ago
NSS 3.4 can now handle certs from multiple sources, internally, however the NSS
3.x API's are still only geared to certs coming from a single source. This
problem manifests itself most clearly in the UI.

PSM need to call two new NSS functions which know about the multiple source
issues to be able to correctly display multiple certs. These new functions are
defined in the NSS bug which this bug depends on.


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Remove dependency
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Depends on: 129303


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Mass reassign ssaux bugs to nobody
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11 years ago
that bug is strange, the method that got added was: PK11_GetAllSlotsForCert

could someone please provide steps to reproduce, expected and actual results?
Severity: normal → enhancement
Version: 1.0 Branch → Trunk
This RFE is certainly not a model of clarity.

After reviewing the dependent bug, which is now marked fixed, I think the 
issue is this:

Is is possible for a user to have multiple copies of one of his "user certs"
(certs for which he has the private key) and their private keys, in multiple
PKCS#11 slots/tokens, simultaneously available to NSS.  There are dialogs 
that present information to the user about the particular slot/token in 
which the cert (really, the private key) reside.  I think the cert selection
dialog used to ask the user to select a cert for client authentication is 
one such dialog.  If there are other dialogs (such as the cert manager) that
present information about WHICH token/slot contains the cert/key, those 
should also present information about the individual slots in which the cert
and key reside.  Today, they probably present the information about just one
slot, regardless of the number that actually contain the pair. 
It is desirable that such dialogs present the user with all the specific choices of slots, not just one choice that represents that cert in one arbitrarily chosen slot.  

To be able to do that, PSM must get the information about the different slots
using NSS functions that were created for that purpose.  

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10 years ago

I would like to make the Certificate Manager in Firefox show all the sources for a certificate instead of just an arbitrary source in the "Security Device" column. This bug seems like the same thing; if not please tell me. This is quite an old bug, so I would like to know if this is something which would be accepted and reviewed.


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