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Broken HTML in translation string


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The entity is "malformedURI.longDesc2" and the HTML content of it is not valid HTML. The error from the validator is "Element div not allowed as child of element ul in this context."
Blocks: 1042199
Entity "dnsNotFound.longDesc4" is broken the same way.
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This seems to have been added in 2014 in Bug 1042199:

I'm slightly worried that changing this would cause translation churn.
The patch I've uploaded would seem to fix this (based on playing around with the w3 validator), however I haven't tested in a local build yet.

As mentioned I'm worried about the translation churn, especially seeing as the current code works despite being non-compliant - do we want to continue with this?
Let's bring in flod to understand if updating this string is a problem.

(In reply to Andrzej Hunt :ahunt from comment #4)
> The patch I've uploaded would seem to fix this (based on playing around with
> the w3 validator), however I haven't tested in a local build yet.

Okay, we should make sure that everything's working correctly by just triggering this error page. And we should try to keep the indentation correct/clean. :)
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Delphine owns mobile l10n, it's her decision ;-)

Updating the string would require localizers to "re-translate" it, since the source changes. The point to evaluate is: how bad is to have broken HTML in an internal page (not exposed to other browsers, and working as expected in Firefox)?
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Thanks for forwarding flod. I think it makes sense to correct this
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Can you take care of getting this tested and landed?
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The patch as it is it's not OK: if you want other locales to fix the HTML you will need a new string ID.

That's unless we don't care about locales keeping the broken HTML.
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Re-triaging per

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
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