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Bug 1278800 introduced behaviour whereby the "cancel" button on the top right of the resultset ui has modal behaviour; either it cancels all jobs in a resultset or a single job, according to what's selected. This is pretty confusing and breaks one of the few apparent UI invariants in treeherder; that buttons in the top right of the resultset ui apply to the resultset as a whole where as ones in the plugins panel apply to the job. 

I understand that the previous behaviour caused some problems, but this one can either cause me confusion or to accidentally fail to cancel jobs I meant to cancel. Often this means I end up using scarce hardware for no reason.

I think we should try to find a better solution to the whole problem. Allowing people to undo cancelling jobs seems like a good option, if that's possible.
:bwinton described an elegant solution in bug 1278800 comment 7:

"It's a basic UX principle that supporting undo is way better than prompting people before dangerous operations.  (Turns out people don't read the prompts after a few times of seeing them, and just automatically click through. ;)  So, when someone clicks the cancel button we could collapse that run, and replace it with a light-red banner saying "Click here to undo.   30s" and have the 30s count down to 0, after which the whole run disappears."

So I think my vote for an optimal solution would be to revert the behaviour in bug 1278800 and implement this. It'd be a little bit of work, but hopefully not too bad.
This came up again today (this time with a push :gijs made to try), there's no doubt that people find the current behavior confusing. 

I suspect the original problem is that many people have trained themselves to just click past browser modals. I *think* just having the bright red banner on top of the push is enough of a hint that confirming will remove everything. Let's try that instead.
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I hope this will be ok.
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Commit pushed to master at https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder

Bug 1293264 - Show distinctive banner when user tries to cancel all jobs (#1874)

This also reverts the previous behaviour where we'd cancel a single job
if one was selected. This new approach hopefully makes it harder to
accidentally delete all jobs when only intending to cancel one, while
still being intuitive if that's really what you want to do.
I'm going to mark this as fixed, hopefully this issue is now put to rest. :)
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