Application selection preferences not respected on Windows 64 bit build




File Handling
2 years ago
10 months ago


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2 years ago
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:48.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/48.0
Build ID: 20160726073904

Steps to reproduce:

- download .zip file from local webpage 192.168.1.*
This has been working Ok for many years, started to go wrong with Firefox 48 (64bit on latest Win7)

Actual results:

file is not saved in download folder but:
- file is stored in /user/**/appdata/local/temp, not in download folder specified in preferences
- file is opened in Winzip, although in option/applications  compressed zip files are set to be "saved"
Tried on 3 different PC's with Win 7 64 bit, 100% reproducible

Expected results:

File should be saved to folder specified in options/general/downloads.
Component: General → General
Product: Firefox OS → Firefox


2 years ago
Component: General → Download Manager
OS: Gonk (Firefox OS) → Windows 7
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Hardware: ARM → x86


a year ago
Component: Download Manager → File Handling
Product: Toolkit → Firefox

Comment 1

11 months ago
We made a few changes recently that may affect this type of application preferences.

Does the original problem still occur using the latest Nightly build?
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Comment 2

11 months ago
using latest nightly
Version     55.0a1
Build ID     20170505030252
Original problem still exists, no change
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Comment 3

11 months ago
Can you provide steps to reproduce using a publicly available link, on a new profile?

This may be also a bug specific to the OS integration of 64-bit builds. Does a 32 bit version work correctly?
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Comment 4

11 months ago
Indeed 64 bit problem.
32 bit FF on 32 bit Win7 works
both 32 bit FF and 64 bit FF show this bug on 64 bit win 7
I'm looking into the possibility of providing guest accesss to my website.
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Comment 5

10 months ago
This may be related to the OS API. For the moment this isn't a priority for the team, but someone else might see the bug and investigate if a permanent public link is available.
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Priority: -- → P5


10 months ago
Hardware: x86 → x86_64
Summary: zip file from local website not saved in download folder → Application selection preferences not respected on Windows 64 bit build
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