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Firefox 51
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2 years ago
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setup two profiles signed into the same sync acct
1. on desktop 1 - context click on page and send tab to all devices
2. on desktop 2 - poke sync now button

actual: you a notification with no image or icon

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2 years ago
a Logo would spruce things up.  Also the originating device name italicized or on a new line would provide more visual clarity.
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We did something similar for the "notifications upgraded" prompt: Native notifications already use the app icon, and we specified the logo manually for XUL notifications.
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We should use the Firefox (or Aurora, Nightly, etc) icon like we do on OS X.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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Ryan is that ok?
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It looks a little big to me. Here are the guidelines that make it look like you can use the application icon, and not place it as a big image.

Here is a the dropbox example.
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2 years ago
To be honest, I realized while setting up Sync for my tests that we don't have any icon for any of the new notifications we display (sync starting, validation email sent etc).
I think we should open a bug asking for a default icon, just like on OSX, in the Notifications component instead of trying to make an half-assed fix.
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Kit, didn't you work on some of this code? Do you know why we don't get the default Firefox icon for Notifications on Windows?
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(In reply to Chris Karlof [:ckarlof] from comment #7)
> Kit, didn't you work on some of this code? Do you know why we don't get the
> default Firefox icon for Notifications on Windows?

The simple answer is that the designs for XUL notifications ( didn't call for an application icon if one wasn't specified. I think we considered using it in place of the favicon, but I'm not certain.

We don't control it on OS X, but, on Windows, it's up to us if we want a default. Let's file a bug in Toolkit :: Notifications, and we can discuss further. In the meantime, I think Edouard's patch is a good workaround.

(In reply to Ryan Feeley [:rfeeley] from comment #5)
> Here is a the dropbox example.
> notifs.png

Ryan, it looks like Dropbox uses native Windows notifications, which we don't implement yet. We can, of course, and probably should, but that's a separate chunk of work. ;-)
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Ryan, do you have thoughts on using the oversize app icon vs. leaving it without an icon at all?
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Or using a smaller icon. :-)
We should use the smaller icon à la Dropbox example so that when we do move to native notifications, the transition is seamless.
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2 years ago
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Bug 1293467 - Explicitely show icon on tab received notification on Windows.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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Explicitely show icon on tab received notification on Windows. r=markh
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2 years ago
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Verified fixed on Windows 7 x64 using Firefox 51 Beta 9 (buildID: 20161219140923): send tab notification has icon.
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