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Remove `mach rage`


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A number of people have stated they believe `mach rage` is too aggressive and sends the wrong message. I agree.

Let's find a better name for it.

Suggestions so far:

* gripe
* whine
* groan
The 3 suggestions in comment 0 aren't commonly used by non-native English speakers, so they may be difficult to remember.

* complain (this is my favourite)
* feedback
* report
From a keep it positive perspective (that is clear to our international audience), 'feedback' and 'report' seem most productive. 

Whatever the situation it would be nice to see a "report your issues via <blah>" statement. Did I try to |mach test| something that wasn't handled? Send a message via |mach feedback|! 

If it's not clear, I think his is a nice feature, please don't take the wording discussion as any sort of pushback.
`mach vent`
+1 for feedback. Nice, generic term with good comprehension for inclusion in messages.  I'd stay away from framing it as "complaining" since that may both discourage feedback.  I really like Eric's idea of including it in error messages and the like, it's probably the perfect way to reach folks in the moment.
We've had a total of 4 submissions via `mach rage` in 2017. It isn't being used. At this point, I'm willing to chalk it up as a failed experiment. So let's delete it.
Summary: Rename `mach rage` to something less aggressive → Remove `mach rage`
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Bug 1293493 - Remove `mach rage` since it was unused;
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Remove `mach rage` since it was unused; r=ted
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