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a year ago
We don't really have a good way of knowing how much use links from t.m.o get; one downside is in dashboard maintenance: we're looking at potentially rewriting some dashboards that may or may not be actively used.

Adding analytics to track at least anchor clicks from t.m.o would allow us to determine what links are actively accessed (and we could retire others that aren't).

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8 months ago
Also being discussed here: mozilla/telemetry-dashboard#300
Priority: -- → P3

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4 months ago
Hey, :whd, how exactly does TMO _work_? We're thinking about analytics which may have some hosting impact... but we don't actually know how TMO is hosted.
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4 months ago
TMO is hosted as a static website (s3), fronted by a CDN (cloudfront). Specifically is a CNAME for, a distribution which has as at its origin This is actually contrary to what I remember (I was expecting the origin to be github-pages), because it means that this s3 bucket is populated somehow from github pages. I'm not actually sure what the population mechanism is at the moment but for the purposes of your query it may be irrelevant. I can dig into this more if needed.
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