Volume control retracts on video player




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Steps to reproduce:

Mouse over volume control

Site: http://bigthink.com/ideafeed/humans-have-a-moral-duty-to-stop-procreating

Video at bottom of page

Actual results:

Volume control retracts and cannot be "touched".

Expected results:

Mouse over should keep control active

Comment 1

a year ago
Should be a pretty easy one to write off as a local issue here or a bug in the player.

Faults in Chrome as well. Most likely should be written off as a code error in the player on the site.
Can you describe more about 'Volume control retracts and cannot be "touched".' ?

Here's what I tried and the results:
  1. Move cursor onto the play button (triangle icon)
  2. Click the play button
  3. Controls (play button, duration, progress, volume, fullscreen) are shown
  4. Move cursor onto the volume button (speaker icon)
  5. Vertical-slider-like volume indicator is shown above the volume button
  6. Clicking volume button does mute/unmute, and the volume indicator's color is changed between orange and gray
  7. Move cursor onto the volume indicator
  8. The volume Indicator disappears

I confirmed the same behavior on Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Do you mean step 8 above?
If so, that looks like the website's issue.
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Comment 3

a year ago
Yes 8. You should be able to move the volume slider. I think it is bad code in the player. It was off the wall in IE11. 

Agreed. Set the status of the bug to ignore I think.
Thanks :)
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