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Can you please create a new HG repository, at 

Can you please set commit privileges to the same group of users who currently can commit to the existing

Thanks in advance for your help


As of today, the CA Certificates and trust settings are part of the NSS project.

We'd like to have them separate, so the CAs can be releases with a different schedule, and to allow Firefox and others to more easily combine arbitrary releases of NSS and CAs. This has already been discussed with the NSS team, and I'd like to proceed with implementing it.


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Blocks: 1294150

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2 years ago
Kai: You filed this bug as a request, indicating it blocks Bug 1294150, but I'm not aware of any public discussion around this. Further, the Bug 1294150 suggests its being considered, while here, you suggest it's fait accompli.

Would you be able to hold on this bug until sufficient discussion has happened?

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2 years ago
This plan had be discussed in a past NSS conference call. There was agreement from several people in that call, including from Bob Relyea.

It's only now that I'm able to work on it, also triggered by the need to delay the removal of several CAs until the beginning of 2017.

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2 years ago
Then might I suggest we take it to the list? Either (ideally) or nss-dev? As I've got a conflict, I haven't been able to make the past several calls.

I'm suggesting there are concrete, unresolved problems with your plan, and it causes quantifiable harm to the ecosystem. We should discuss more, publicly, about that plan.

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2 years ago
I'm moving this bug to the UNCONFIRMED state, until we have a decision about what to do.

Please postpone this work.
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2 years ago
Please reopen if/when this is actionable.
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