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Android host-utils can become outdated (maybe use a toolchain task)


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Android tests rely on a host-utils package, downloaded from tooltool, to supply host-side utilities like xpcshell and ssltunnel.

The host-utils package is updated manually, generally when someone complains that the existing package is out of date. See bug 1293952, especially:

(In reply to Boris Zbarsky [:bz] from bug 1293952 comment #2)
> The big problem is that on non-Android server scripts run against nightly. 
> So it's quite easy to have people write those, tryserver on some non-Android
> platform, then check in and break Android tests...

Can we implement a new way to access current versions of these utilities without periodic manual intervention? Ideally the solution will apply to both tests in automation and tests run locally via mach.
Let's consider:

(In reply to Justin Wood (:Callek) from bug 1293952 comment #3)
> * Person (X) Pushes
>  ** Job (X) uses a special taskcluster kind to generate a host-utils package
> -- (TODO: possible to do it as part of the android or desktop build itself?)
>  ** Test jobs reference this package similarly to how we reference docker
> images
>  ** Taskcluster can possibly optimize out this Job X to not create new
> host-utils unless needed.
> That would ensure we let people modify things on try that could affect
> host-utils run scripts, as well as lets us use reasonably newer host-utils
> on all trees.
> This is probably scoped large enough to be a deliverable for someone though,
> and not something I can agree to take on in the forseeable future.
Priority: -- → P3
See Also: → 1415242
hostutils is in need of an update again. Nick suggested using a toolchain task for periodic hostutils updates.
We've been getting more and more requests for updates. It doesn't take long to build, test and deploy, but more automation would be nice.
See Also: → 1433279, 1457012
Summary: Android host-utils can become outdated → Android host-utils can become outdated (maybe use a toolchain task)
See particularly and the associated wip patch.
See Also: → 1514075
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