consider not saving history for nightly releases



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We've been having some issues dealing with nightly release history cleanup (details of which can be found in bug 1283492). We were talking about them today and it got me thinking: rather than keep nightly history for such a short period of time (7-14 days), maybe we can just _not_ keep history for nightly releases in the first place. We'd still need to do cleanup of the releases table to remove old nightlies, but that is quick and easy in comparison.
10:11 AM <Callek> bhearsum: sooo random thought -- would it make sense to stop doing 90% of the cleanup (DELETEs) we do in the DB, and instead use a partitioned DB that we shunt the unused pieces off to another table or off the end of a partitioned table, that we don't actually consult in normal production, so can be cheaper/slower storage?
10:11 AM <Callek> or maybe store it as a compressed tarball or some such, so we can inspect offline, if we need to do so
10:11 AM <Callek> (I'm mostly thinking in terms of history-inspecting for security or incident-response reasons)
10:12 AM <•bhearsum> ninad101: i'm doing well, i think i'm nearing the end of the major work for Required Signoffs
10:13 AM <•bhearsum> Callek: i don't have time to give that proper thought at the moment, but can you toss a comment in
10:14 AM <Callek> this was (to me) a "throw it against a wall, see if it sticks while I walk away" type of thought, but sure I'll toss it in the bug


2 years ago
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