Should the downloadable blocklist (for Intel) allow build id, instead of just driver versions?




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2 years ago
See bug 1293028 and bug 1294771 - the driver version for Intel includes the OS, but there is a way to extract just the build id, which is more representative of the functionality.

Should we allow downloadable blocklist entries to specify the build id instead of the driver version?

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2 years ago
Ethan, what do you think?
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2 years ago
(In reply to Milan Sreckovic [:milan] from comment #1)
> Ethan, what do you think?

I think we should allow build id to check Intel driver version for downloadable blocklist too. And maybe use build id only for Intel in the future.
It seems there are two kinds of Intel graphics driver version. One is as [1], contains info of operating system, DirectX, and build id. The other one is like the version listed in [2], which is 15.x.x.[build id]. The rest number are just for Intel internal reference. A graphics card may have both kinds of the driver version. So if we keep using the whole version to do the blocklist, it's possible to get wrong result since for now we don't check which kind of the driver version user is using.
And I don't see strong reason that we need the OS version and DirectX version from the Intel driver version since we can get these information from OS by gecko.

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Check Intel driver build ID should work for Windows versions after Vista.
However, checking build ID may result in incorrect block behavior if somebody uses Windows XP.
For example, we can see driver build ID over 5000 under Windows XP

And we can see even the driver is 3 years ago, the build ID for Windows XP is stll over 5000 while the latest Windows 10 driver is just 4xxx.

It seems that the build ID rule does not hold in Windows XP.

But since XP is legacy, I think we can still use build id check for Windows versions other than XP.
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2 years ago
That sounds reasonable - lets make sure the recent changes in blocking based on the ID are corrected for XP where they apply.
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2 years ago
To be clear - we can add the functionality so that we can use the IDs in the downloadable blocklist.  We cannot change the existing entries - because the downloadable list applies to older versions of Firefox that do not understand build IDs instead of driver versions.  As we add new entries to the downloadable blocklist, we can use the build ID only if those entries apply to the versions of Firefox that understand build IDs.  If the block is supposed to be in place for older versions as well, we have to use the old syntax.

So, this is more of a future proofing step.  We should have the unit tests for it though.
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