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textPath no longer follows the path


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Broken on trunk, working on 48
Keywords: regression
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So that's going to be bug 278512
Blocks: 278512
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It should be Bug 1278512
Blocks: 1278512
No longer blocks: 278512
Version: unspecified → 50 Branch
Nical, can you please take a look at this regression?
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The first inflection point in the curve is exactly at t=0.0 which means we don't try to find its linear approximation range and goes directly to FlattenBezierCurveSegment since my patch in bug 1278512. With this particular test case, FlattenBezierCurveSegment computes cp21x31 * which turns out to be zero and we render a straight line to the end of the curve.

The way forward should be to not ignore the inflection points at t=0.0, and handle them appropriately. before bug 1278512, there was a particular combination of inputs where the inflection points would land at t=zero + some other thing that would cause the function to drop the curve completely without even drawing a line to the end of the curve which is even worse, so we have to make sure to not run into it again.
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The issue the other bug was fixing was happening with inflection points at t==1.0 rather than 0.0. The branch 

> if (t1max >= 0 && t1max < 1.0 && (count == 1 || t2min > t1max))

below should take care of the case when t == 1.0, so there is no other special case to add as far as I can tell. This patch fixes the provided test case.
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Path flattening should not skip the first inflection point if it is at t=0.0. r=Bas
Let's wait for a few days to be sure it doesn't cause any regression and then uplift the patch.
Tracking 51+ for this SVG regression.
Closed: 5 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla51
Hi Nicolas, the fix has stabilized on Nightly for a few days and was verified. Could you please nominate for uplift to Aurora50?
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Don't skip the first inflection point if it is at t=0.0

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[Feature/regressing bug #]:
[User impact if declined]: Rendering correctness issue with text along path in SVG. 
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[Risks and why]: very low, rather simple and has been on central for a little while with no problem.
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Don't skip the first inflection point if it is at t=0.0

Recent regression in 50, was verified on Nightly, Aurora50+
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