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stylo: Make nsTextControlFrame::AppendAnonymousContentTo safe to call from parallel style traversal


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In Stylo, we need to be able to find native anonymous content during parallel traversal. This involves doing a QueryFrame to nsIAnonymousContentCreator and then calling AppendAnonymousContentTo. This generally works fine, because most NAC-creating frames just cache the anonymous content as a member. But nsTextFrame does various not-thread-safe things, which is what this bug is designed to fix.

In bug 1294915, we are exploring static analysis approaches to detecting these issues a la rooting analysis.
Including this header without this causes compilation problems.
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This is problematic when we want to call AppendAnonymousContentTo off-main-thread.
AFAICT this doesn't change behavior, since all the callers of GetRootNode should
occur after we've already called BindToFrame. However, it makes it easier for
future static analysis to see that we don't trigger node creation from
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Part 3 - Stop lazily creating the root node in nsTextEditorState::GetRootFrame.

Review of attachment 8781333 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: dom/html/nsTextEditorState.cpp
@@ +1156,5 @@
>    }
>    mBoundFrame = aFrame;
> +  CreateRootNode();

Can you please check the return value as well?
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Add missing include. r=ehsan
Avoid QIing a DOM node in nsTextControlFrame::AppendAnonymousContentTo. r=ehsan
Stop lazily creating the root node in nsTextEditorState::GetRootFrame. r=ehsan
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