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Telemetry to support background video decoder suspend: Report single-keyframe videos


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Spawned from bug 1282012 comment 10, and follow-up to bug 1289668:
Note that the inter-keyframe probe only gathers durations between successive decoded keyframes (see bug 1289668), meaning that if a video only has one keyframe it will not show up in the telemetry.
It may be possible to add a special case when we only see one keyframe, and record a '0' in this case, it would show up in the telemetry and could give us some sense of how prevalent they are.

So the idea is that since there is no '0' values being recorded in the VIDEO_INTER_KEYFRAME_* telemetry (it doesn't really make sense), it should be possible to use this special value to record the number of long-enough (value TBD) videos that only have one keyframe -- making it difficult/impossible to seek back to some arbitrary position after a video-suspend.

This will require an incremental change in the probe description (controversial!?), and some logic to credibly infer that, as far as video-suspend feature is concerned, there is only one keyframe.
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Bug 1295831 - Report VIDEO_INTER_KEYFRAME_MAX_MS=0 when only 1 keyframe -
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Bug 1295831 - VIDEO_INTER_KEYFRAME_MAX_MS==0 means only 1 keyframe -
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Thank you Kaku and François for the reviews.
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VIDEO_INTER_KEYFRAME_MAX_MS==0 means only 1 keyframe - r=francois
Report VIDEO_INTER_KEYFRAME_MAX_MS=0 when only 1 keyframe - r=kaku
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