when running mach mochitest <dir> with a single test the browser doesn't close automatically



2 years ago
2 years ago


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when we run a single test file locally, we intentionally keep the browser open to inspect the browser or log files.  When running a set of tests locally, we treat it more like automation and close down the browser at the end of the tests.

There is a corner case to define where we pass in a directory and if that directory only has one test to run, then we leave the browser open.

We need to decide if this is acceptable or if we want to change the behaviour.
I know I find it very annoying when running `./mach test toolkit/components/passwordmgr/` because "toolkit/components/passwordmgr/test/chrome/" only has one test so I need to quit that one test to resume running the rest.
Right--the intention of the original behavior was "developer is running a single test and wants to be able to edit and reload the test without restarting the browser". This behavior should only take place if a single test was specified on the commandline.

In this case, if you run a directory containing only one test, or you run a directory with multiple manifests, or multiple subsuites, and one of those contains a single test, the "single test" behavior is being used, which is incorrect.
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