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3 years ago
The build timing dashboard [1] tracks the high level build times.  It shows individual builds and the steps in those builds.  This is only a prototype, but a quick win would be to fix the links so the TH job can be brought up highlighted.

Like other dashboards, this requires the relationship between the buildbot job to the treeherder job_id, and also the taskcluster id to the treeherder id.  It would also benefit from the Treeherder metadata [2] so that the build options are consistent with Treeherder's. 

[1] http://people.mozilla.org/~klahnakoski/MoBuildbotTimings/Builds-Overview.html
[2] Example TH metadata, can be found in task, but better to use the authoritative source

    {"job": {
        "group": {
            "symbol": "tc-M",
            "name": "Mochitests executed by TaskCluster"
        "who": "gmierz2@outlook.com",
        "state": "completed",
        "timing": {
            "start": 1470533932,
            "last_modified": 1470546689,
            "end": 1470546688,
            "submit": 1470530617
        "reason": "scheduled",
        "result": "testfailed",
        "tier": 2,
        "guid": "04559473-d6ff-43cd-8308-a4af355ad442/0",
        "type": {
            "symbol": "bc21",
            "name": "desktop-test-linux64-cov/debug-mochitest-browser-chrome-cov-21"
        "id": 25243669
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2 years ago
Depends on: 1296634
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