mailing to a mailing list with a description produce error



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Steps to reproduce:

I use mailinglists, some of them has a description.
The window for editing the mailinglist has these 3 input fields:
List name, List alias, Description.
When I send a mail to an entire mailinglist, II type the name of the mailing list in the "To:" field

Actual results:

If the mailing list has a description, I get an error "not a valid e-mail address because it is not of the form user@host." (or sopmething like that.
It's because the description is written to the To: field

Expected results:

Mail shoulc have been sendt to all members of the mailing list.
we've recently gotten others like this
Component: Address Book → Message Compose Window
Whiteboard: [dupme]

Comment 2

a year ago
Yes, I've had a long discussion about this in bug 1296880, but sadly the reporter of that other bug wasn't able to deliver clear steps to reproduce the problem.

I've tried to reproduce it and failed. I can get the error reported in comment #0 if I use a description with quotes. Perhaps this reporter here can help us make this reproducible.

Note: For a mailing list this should be written to the To: field:
test mailing list <test 1 2 3>
where |test mailing list| is the list name and |test 1 2 3| is the description.

Also note that nothing in the area has changed in 45.x, so I can't understand that "we've recently gotten others like this". Maybe some add-on problem?
See Also: → bug 1296880

Comment 3

a year ago
I cannot reproduce it. Just tried with a new mailinglist and a few addresse. It worked just fine.
I cannot try it again with my usual mailinglist at the moment, since there is a risk, that the mail will actually be sent to many hundred persons. I will try it later, when I have a mail to send.

Comment 4

a year ago
You can do
File > Send Later
and have the message placed into the Outbox from where you can delete it without sending it. You can also disconnect the network (pull the cable or disconnect the WiFi) to be double sure.
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