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Devise a testing strategy for GPU process restarts


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We've never tested our device reset code on TreeHerder, and this is a good time to start now that we will have a very simple way of creating failures: we can kill the GPU process.

We don't just want to test that we can recover at the top of an event loop: we should be able to test the GPU process dying in the middle of an IPDL transaction, or while decoding video, or in the middle of a texture operation.

Normal unit or integration tests would be a good place to start.

Matt also mentioned a chaos mode on tree herder might help: We could randomly crash the GPU process during GPU entry-points and make sure we can recover to paint another frame.
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
Kevin, as I talked with david, this is another good practice to extend testing coverage of composition, especially with gpu process. Please have a look at it.
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