tb losing new IMAP sent, draft mails, can't save them, can't connect



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Steps to reproduce:

sent new emails and made new drafts and saved those as best I could. IMAP.

Actual results:

tb is failing thunderously, failing at nearly every IMAP try. what I really need now is a converter from IMAP to POP3 as a nice little button to bail out. as a result, I keep losing sent emails and drafts which never make it to being fully saved in teh drafts and sent folders. ugh. please someone fix. I was wondering if it was server trouble, but not so sure now. for now, tb is throwing my new mail into the bit bucket with no undo.

Expected results:

should have connected and saved them. any chance those new ones could go into some sort of queue until IMAP is working fully and connected and cognizant?
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