Add 'litmus_privs' field into the profiles table




17 years ago
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17 years ago
For litmus, the testcase management system, to share user data with 
bugzilla, I need to add one col into profiles to track the litmus privs. This is 
just a raw text field, not more than 10 chars. The field would be empty if 
litmus wasn't installed and would get filled in with litmus. If I didn't add 
this field into bugzilla, I would have to have seperate user information for 
litmus which would cause a whole set of problems when a user changes 
their bugzilla password and litmus doesn't change. Patch to come soon
I disagree. Litmus needs its own table if it wants to do this, and then you do
SELECT * from litmus_priv where user_id=$x

mysql even allows cross db queries, so you could do this with a single join if
you don't have the userid directly. (postgres doesn't, although I thknk there
are plans to allow that for 7.3)


17 years ago
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.16

Comment 2

17 years ago
Why does litmus need its own table? I am trying to allow litmus to support 
as many db engines as possible, so I would like to avoid cross-db-
queries. One simple col in bugzilla is all I need and I would rather not 
have the litmus script create it as that would likely cause 
problems later down the line when changes happen in bugzilla.
Cross DB queries might be too much but I am leaning towards a separate table.

Comment 4

17 years ago
Why do you think we should do a seperate table? I was trying to make this 
simple and be easy for people to accept. litmus will not need to store any 
more profile data and if it does we can roll it into a seperate table as 
Is litmus going to use a separate database? I just think that product specific
columns in bugzilla are the wrong way to go

Not to mention that a text field will cause problems, and that that doesn't let
people be in multiple groups anyway.
If litmus needs an additional column in the bugzilla profiles table, then
litmus's install routines can add that column to it during checksetup or

alter table profiles add column litmus_privs blah blah type definition;

If you prefix the column name with "litmus_" I don't forsee this interfering
with Bugzilla at all.  (unless we wind up with 16 indexes, but I doubt if that
will happen)
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