Right click does not open menu in Google Maps




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Steps to reproduce:

Right clicking should open menu with route option. Moreover, my generated routes does not show at all.

I have already re-installed Java, Adobe Shockwave, Quicktime. Also, I have installed beta Firefox, but it did not help.
Can you provide the URL of the page the issue happens?
Also, does the issue happen on safe mode and clean profile?
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Comment 2

2 years ago
The URL is : https://www.google.pl/maps/

Yes, it also happens on safe mode, clean profile and without any addon installed.
I cannot reproduce the issue.
It works on Firefox 48.0.1 with clean profile, with and without e10s, on Windows 10 64bit.

tested with the following steps.
1. open https://www.google.pl/maps/
2. right click on Lublin
3. choose 1st menu item
4. right click on Olsztyn
5. choose 1nd menu item
6. the route is shown

is there any difference?

Comment 4

2 years ago
The problem is, that I do not have any menu when I'm right clicking, so it's impossible to choose anything
Do you see any error message in Web Console?

Comment 6

2 years ago
" Własności „mozHidden” i „mozVisibilityState” są przestarzałe.  Należy używać własności bez przedrostków, tj. „hidden” i „visibilityState”.rs=ACT90oEOdt7HXrhmMC7cwLinql0Gyg4n1g:1927:203
Error: WebGL: texSubImage2D: Texture has not been initialized prior to a partial upload, forcing the browser to clear it. This may be slow.maps:2894:289
Error: WebGL: texSubImage2D: This operation requires zeroing texture data. This is slow."
Is the error message shown every time you opened the page or right clicked?

Comment 8

2 years ago
In WWW Console(Ctrl + Shift + K) "Własności „mozHidden” i „mozVisibilityState” są przestarzałe.  Należy używać własności bez przedrostków, tj. „hidden” i „visibilityState”.rs=ACT90oFqezGdIRNY5WlYovC1aMYYt5utXQ:1872:203" is only when I right click.

In translation it means that, "Processes "mozHidden" and  "mozVisibilityState" are outdated. Processes without prefix "hidden" should be used."
I also see the warning message about "mozHidden", so it won't be the actual issue.

but the other 2 error about WebGL are suspicious, moving to WebGL component for now.
(maybe the texture for menu and route are not rendered properly?)
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Product: Firefox → Core
Summary: Right click does not work in Google Maps → Right click does not open menu in Google Maps

Comment 10

2 years ago
Hm.. So is it any solution to this problem? 

The proper rendering might be connected with program Windows 10 DPI Fix. I have installed this because some of my system frames and some programs was blurred.
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2 years ago
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