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Windows XP testers don't reboot after finishing jobs



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a year ago
10 months ago


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I think this a known issue as it occurs pretty often, but it would be nice if we could find a fix/improvement for this.

As I see it, the steps listed on "startTalos.bat" file are executed each time.
    - one common situation when an XP tester gets stuck is when running "runslave.py" script. "Runslave.log" does not offer much useful info on this though (see attachments). 
    - I've also seen cases where "startTalos.bat" file is not executed, so the machine won't do anything until rebooted 

The XP testers in such a state need manual reboot before taking any job (this is usually done by :philor and buildduty).
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Comment 4

a year ago
For the first one:

Do we still deploy these files via puppet?

On which repo is startTalos.bat?
Is this it?

Where's the code that generates runslave.log?
Is this the code?

What generates log_error.log?
(In reply to Armen Zambrano [:armenzg] (EDT/UTC-4) from comment #4)

> Do we still deploy these files via puppet?

HW Windows testers are managed by GPO, not puppet.  

> On which repo is startTalos.bat?
> Is this it?
> https://dxr.mozilla.org/build-central/source/puppet/modules/buildslave/files/
> startTalos-xp.bat

Taking a look at how startTalos.bat looks like on an XP testers, it seems that it's not the same file as the one stored in puppet. I was able to find it on the winadmin machine (there's a GPO policy pointing to it), but I'm not sure about the deploy process.

> Where's the code that generates runslave.log?
> Is this the code?
> https://dxr.mozilla.org/build-central/source/puppet/modules/buildslave/files/
> runslave.py

Yes. The log file also contains stores the "echo" entries from startTalos.bat that correspond to the cleaning process.

> What generates log_error.log?

log_error.log seemss to contain the errors generated by the test run.
Bug 1088032 was the previous instance of this I was having trouble finding (bug 972867 being the easier one to find).

Comment 7

10 months ago
Windows XP backlog hasn't been an issue recently. 
Moreover, XP testing will be dropped starting with Firefox 53 (see bug 1310836). That being said, I don't think it's worth spending more time working on this.
Last Resolved: 10 months ago
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