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Synced Tabs sidebar does not show a message to sign in again after password was changed


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Firefox 53
Tracking Status
firefox51 --- wontfix
firefox53 --- verified


(Reporter: cirdeiliviu, Assigned: eoger)



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[Affected platforms]

[Steps to reproduce]:

1. Sign in to Firefox on 2 devices with the same account.
2. From one device open some tabs and perform a sync.
3. On second device open Sync Tabs sidebar (Menu Bar>View>Sidebars > Synced Tabs). > The tabs are listed in the Sync tabs sidebar.
4. On first device, go to your account and change your password. > Password in changed.
5. Perform a sync.
6. On your second device, on synced tabs sidebar right click and "Sync Now". 

[Expected Result]: 
Sync Tabs sidebar should show a message to sign in again.

[Actual Result]: 
Synced Tabs sidebar does not show a message to sign in again after password is changed. Closing and reopening the sidebar does not fix it.

[Regression range] 
I think this is not a regression, it works like this from the beginning of the implementation of the synced tabs sidebar.
Yeah, this sucks and isn't intentional :(
Liviu, could you please post a screenshot of what happens on the second device? What do you see instead of the message to sign in again?
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Whiteboard: [sync-quality]
Attached video video_of_the_issue.mp4
The synced tabs and devices are displayed instead of the sign in message.
I attached a video that shows this.
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From the triage meeting: there's some discussion around separating password change and deauthorizing a device, so we'll wait for that to crystallize before taking action.
Priority: -- → P3
This patch listens to the weave:service:login:change event which is fired when a password change has been detected.
Assignee: nobody → eoger
Comment on attachment 8824219 [details]
Bug 1298011 - Update the Synced Tabs sidebar UI when account password changed.

(oops - this was pending - apparently I forgot to hit "publish" :(

LGTM, thanks!
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Update the Synced Tabs sidebar UI when account password changed. r=markh
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 53
We've built 51 RC. Mark 51 won't fix.
[bugday-20170222] bug verified 
os: Ubuntu 15.10
Browser Version: 41.0.2
I reproduced the bug and its fixed
Flags: qe-verify+
Kanchan, just making sure you're in the loop here.
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Thanks Andrei!

I have tested this bug fix and found it to to be working fine on 
Version 	53.0b1
Build ID 	20170307064827

After password change on device 1, Synced Tabs sidebar UI on device 2 shows "sign in to sync" message.
Flags: needinfo?(kkumari)
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